Tea Festivals

My view of :The  Importance of Tea Festivals

As a tea enthusiast, I have attended many Tea exhibitions and festivals.

My passion for the leaf has taken me to several around the country as well as internationally, in Taiwan and also Japan.

Northwest Tea Festival 2013, Michael Coffey, workshop facilitator, Korean Cultural Tea Presentation.

Taiwan Tea Festival 2015, Michele Brody, conducting a tea experience, our crew tasting tea.

Ocha Tea Festival Japan 2016, The STI group at tea tasting, Rajiv Lochan and a few friends.

I also make it a point to visit the “bean” festivals and show to compare notes of products, and also new equipment hitting the marketplace with hopes some will address the needs of the leaf.

Here in our town, we have a yearly festival that combines representative vendors from both the bean and leaf side.

The popularity of this event results in a very crowded environment with little no chance to interact with the vendors or sample their wares.

It has been mentioned before that our area could use a second festival, one that focuses on the leaf alone that would appeal to the tea geeks and tea novices of the world.

One of the most important attractions at these festivals is the educational offering they provide.

I have presented at several and am amazed by the attendance.


Tea drinkers at all levels want more information about history, tea types, production, brewing methods, tea ware in addition to health info, blending and food pairings.

The popularity and acceptance of the brew in the U.S. have increased the public interest and desire for transparency and becoming more informed and educated in tea.

There are several festivals, held locally as well as internationally; some can be found in the World Of Tea.org site compiled by Tony Gebely and some occurring very soon.

One that I would have enjoyed attending is The Southwest Tea Festival happening this weekend in Las Vegas.


     2017 Southwest Tea Festival to be held on Saturday and Sunday,              

                                          February 25th-26th, 2017,

                                                               At the

               Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

With a host of both local and international vendor representatives, this venue is perfect for everyone who has an interest in the brew.

With tea to be tasted and samples to be given, this gives attendees a great opportunity to find new offerings, make new connections with local tea suppliers, learn about tea and enjoy a good time surrounded by the leaf.

I encourage you if you are looking for a stimulating experience in addition to possibly becoming “tea drunk” please stop in.

Some must see vendors are Joy’s Teaspoon, Tealet,


I wish I could be there.


Note any NYC residents interested in getting an “NYTEAFEST” together let me know… It’s time!


Site: www.swteafest.com


* Photo logos of the Southwest Tea Festival appropriated from their website


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    You’re the best. Thank you so much!

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    Getting Tea Drunk is always good advice.
    Every day should be tea festival day.

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      Did you know Portland is having their first tea festival on July 22nd?

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        Yes Marilyn, and it should be fantastic!

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      Robert, as you know, for some of us it is.

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    I think a nyteafest would be great! I’d like to hear your ideas.

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    There seems to be quite a tea scene on the other side of the pond.

  5. Ashli Johnson Young

    Sounds like fun..I enjoy strong flavors of coffee and tea. It is surprising that there are not more festivals!

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