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    I’m very happy for you Jo!

    Thanks for bringing international awareness for tea bloggers : )

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    I feel honored to know so many of those incredible bloggers.

    And congratulations for this presentation.

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    Coffee?! *GASP!*

    Tai Chi?!?! *DOUBLE-GASP!*

    I’m glad you got to tea eventually, or else I’d be worried you’d start wearing scarves and writing poetry in a journal.

    (I’m kidding. Loved the post.)

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    Wow, blown away by your account of your Taiwan trip. As you know I haven’t been around that much, so I didn’t realize you had traveled there. How amazing! Just wonderful. Love all the pics and so enjoyed hearing about this country and event I have never been to before. Looking at all those wonderful tea bloggers, made me smile. You made my morning with this post, Ms Rock Star 🙂

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    PS: Of course I am now reading your travel account backwards, since I saw part 2 before I found part 1. I shall be heading over there now. Looking forward to the next part too.

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    Thanks all for reading and posting comments

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