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    You are in Taiwan? I hope you will make some interesting discoveries.

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      No Xavier, my trip was last month. Just getting around to posting about it now. Yes, a short though amazing trip. Hope you will follow the future recaps.

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    Very nice! I have never seen a hotel that payed so much attention to tea.

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    Lovely, Jo! So exciting to see your pics. Even enjoyed looking at the McDonalds pic, because well, it’s in Taiwan! Wonder if its menu is exactly the same. Yes, the hotel accommodations look very comfortable. Love the tea table set out. Nice you also had a tea bar in your room.
    What a long, long trip for you, you must have been exhausted. Starting your day at 4:00 a.m. in New York knowing it will be hours before you get to lie down in a bed again. But, of course it’s also incredibly exciting. Thanks so much for sharing, I am so glad I found your posts now.

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