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    I have the same interrogation as you: “can I truly select one as the best?”

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    I found the categories interesting. What I liked was the opportunity to nominate FOUR tea bloggers (social Media, Blog, Educator and Personality) and my favourite growers/distributors in others. I agree about the innovation issue, though I did come up with one, and I skipped the health question.
    With regard to the bloggers, I started with a list of 15 and divided them into the four categories. Then picked the best of each. It took me ages.
    Some blogs are clearly educational, some are very shareable, some are just fine exponents of actual writing and some are just people I love. That was the basis of the categories.

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    Valid points as always. I think in a way, I enjoy that the categories are so open to interpretation. There are so many people who don’t quite fit into a box and it’s great to be able to nominate them for something that you might not have considered before.

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    Gosh, yes – so hard to narrow it down. I looked at the categories and just don’t think I can go down to just one. It feels almost disloyal to choose one blogger over another, or one tea educator, or one best personality. I know so many I’d recommend. It’d be easier for me to say who I don’t recommend. :}
    As to your “underdog” way of thinking, perhaps I’d lean that way too. Give someone the chance to be heard about, even if they don’t currently have the reach they might deserve.
    Looking forward to seeing who others picked. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Jo, and for breaking it down for us.

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