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    Xavier has a FRENCH accent? I always expected him to actually be some spy of a James Bond type, not actually French but turning up at the local casino with a beautiful women on each arm to play vignt-et-un and spy on local criminal masterminds.
    Am I mistaken, or is he just very good?

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    Such an amazing event and I am so glad you were able to make it even if it had to be from the car. Every month I look forward to these Hangouts. Missed @lazyliteratus but the great news is @jackie says she will work on joining next month. 🙂

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    @thedevotea I am very good 😉

    @scandaloustea just a small mistake, it is Thé du Loup (but I know French is tricky).

    It was great seeing you all and sharing something with you.

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      It was great “seeing” you as well. Thanks again for the tea it was special.

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    Sorry @jopj I wrote too fast and created a new blog writer 😉 and sorry for the odd time but for me it was nearly perfect for a 5 o’clock tea.

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    Loved seeing you all again and sipping tea with my friends. Thank you @xavier for supplying us with the leaves. @lazyliteratus, hope to see you next time. Oh dear, @iheartteas took note of what I mumbled in haste ha ha. But yes, it would be wonderful to talk to you all again more often!
    Thanks for writing this nice post Jo, it was a nice account of our little event.

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