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    You’re more than welcome for the tea.

    Must say, the best part of the show had to be the good cup-any.

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    I like the concept. And I would have loved to have been part of it. Though bagged tea may have resulted in quite a bit of War and no so much of the Peace on my part.

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    I leave your post hungry for more! Not just for tea and Tolstoy but for the cakes and the fine company too. Good thing the tent was obviously heated. Hope to go out with you all one day!
    J. PS: Yes, that it is strange about the sponsor. Wonder what happened. A last minute change perhaps?

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    No samovar? Or tea so strong a spoon will stand upright in it?

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    I’m with @bram. There needs to be a samovar stoked by a leather boot!

    That said, I’m extremely jealous.

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