Tandem Tea Tasting


It was so good to renew our tandem tea tastings after a short hiatus for the momentous birth of Ethan Asom to the wonderful Carter family.


Since Rachel, I Heart Teas was the host of these G+ meetings, we took a break until she was ready to restart these events.

Our celebration was complete with an appearance of the precious, but hungry, young prince.

Cameras were adjusted to accommodate his needs and our tea tasting resumed its course.



The featured tea Thé du Hammam created by Palais Des Thés, a green tea base adorned with green dates, orange blossoms, rose and red fruits.


The company description indicated that it is  “in true Turkish Style”.

The description prompted both Darlene of The Tea Enthusiasts Scrapbook and myself to pull out our “never before used” Turkish Tea Glasses for the occasion. Darlene, an avid teaware collector produced a floral hand painted tea glass and plate that was beautiful. You can see it on G+ or in Geoff’s post about this tasting.

My preparation photo, seen above,  was complete with snack accompaniment of candied dates, black mission figs, and crystallized ginger though when it came time for tea, I opted for chocolate covered popcorn instead.


After our tasting there was much talk about the ingredients, specifically green dates.

The question, what is the difference between a date and a green date?

My response, one pays the other doesn’t.

This led to a bit of laughter and the night was off to the races.

A discussion ensued regarding a few tea companies headquartered in France and we spoke about tea qualities and that we have tried, and those that remain on our list of favorites.


These tastings also give us the opportunity to share information about what is new in the world of tea. Nicole, Tea For Me Please, mentioned a spot I was unaware of and is now on my list to visit. We spoke about Seattle & Portland and the fine teas that could be had there.

There was mention and laughter regarding how to gain employment in the tea industry, (so many cups so little time).

Then the talk of tea, a variety of names were mentioned one being a  Zhenchunya Hao 1996 that prompted Internet search to find where this tea could be secured and to no avail the tea but not the year was located.

photoWe spoke of Jin Jun Mei, Geoff, Lazy Literatus, mentioned that he found this to be a very special tea and I trust Geoff’s palate.

The name sounded so familiar I realized that I had a sample right behind me and felt lucky to have it in my tea stash.

We discussed the differences in Lapsang Souchong (pine needle roasting vs. pine wood roasting methods).

We talked of lattes and blended teas.

Rachel had to leave us to perform her motherly duties, she was missed as we talked about tea until midnight.

For our next Tandem Tea Tasting we will share a gift from Geoff that Darlene has fondly nicknamed, the “Willy Wonka” Tea Bar. The Feng Qing Mini Gold Bar comes encased in a gold wrapper. Geoff said the aroma and notes of chocolate come through in the brew. Something truly to look forward to.

Until next tasting.

Thanks all I had such a fun night.

Rachel, I Heart Teas

Geoff, Lazy Literatus

Nicole, Tea For Me Please

Darlene, The Tea Enthusiasts Scrapbook



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    Did the little prince drink tea?
    And you spoke about French tea companies? Without me?

    1. ·

      Xavier, If only we could coordinate a time where you could attend, that would be magical…and I would make sure we would be drinking a French tea in your honor.

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    @jopj PM when you are holding your tea tasting sessions and the time zone and we will see what we can do.

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    The prince drinks through me @xavier and yes please let me know if you would like to join us sometime. It would be lovely. 🙂

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