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    How wonderful to gain more insight into all that makes up the person who is Jo! I love that you have participated, and I love that I feel I know you even better now.

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    It’s pretty clear that question 10 is rather silly, with this crowd. The answer is always the same.
    And I think that pairing you mention is inspired!

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    Just now having time to read. How fun and thanks for the tag. Gone this weekend, but will respond next week.
    Loved reading your response to the questions and fun to know more about you.

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    So interesting to know a little more about other people here and there.

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    It was so great to get to know you a bit more and how your love for tea began. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    “Discouraging: all those who read and do not respond by responding we create connection, the connection that tea has at the base of its history and throughout the world.”
    I agree completely. For those who think replies don’t matter, they do. As you say, that is how we connect with each other. What value are words left on their own? Words matter because they are part of conversation.
    Your blog is one of my favorites!
    I have fond memories of the Ken/Robert confusion, the boys enjoyed being the center of attention of course.

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    So tell me where I find Tea Bloggers Roundtable and I will respond.

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    One of the good parts of this tagging is that combining the posts shows the differences between people in the community. Even if they basically give the same answer…

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