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    Upon reading this blog now Im ready to go experince this new Tea Bar for myself. Always ready for anything new. (Tea Please!)

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    I’m so glad you had the opportunity to attend because it provided us with this excellent overview of the experience. (Although knowing you and Jason were there only adds to my disappointment that I had to cancel my trip down!) I’ll be watching this project closely. It certainly has the potential to raise the profile of tea. I noted a comment on the Forbes article that said snarkily, “‘Let’s meet for tea,’ said no one ever.” We need to remember that I don’t ever remember my parents “going out for coffee.” I think tea will continue its forward movement for quite some time.

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    Thanks for sharing your impressions.
    I am puzzled by this tea brewing machine/process. How can/why do they make so many cups of the same tea when customers might ask for different things?

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      Xavier & Robert,
      From what I could detect the machine makes individual cups of tea, one cup in 60 seconds. It is also programable so settings are established for the brew type. There is a panel at the side that indicates the type of brew and water temperature. Somewhat like what I do with my Breville, my pot has standard settings that go from 160 degrees to 212 degrees and I can set any temperature in between for any tea. There are standard recommendations preset for white, green, oolong, black, herbal or custom.
      So in the case of the BKON each cup of tea is brewed at the correct temperature one at a time and it takes 60 seconds to make one cup.
      As with any cup of tea, if you are making it at home you are deciding the temperature to use with whatever tea you are brewing only with this it is somewhat automated.
      Hope this answers your question.

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    I tried to get to the bottom the the tea brewing machine at WTE, Xavier, but the staff they had on hand were idiots. By that I mean engineers.

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    So it is a big Breville machine? But how can it deliver a cup in 60 seconds?
    Can it make different teas one after the other or do you have to change something between them?

    It sounds a bit too mechanical or rather mass-produced.

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    Thank you for your questions regarding BKON’s Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process and the beta version of our BKON TX.

    Our patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAI) process is different from all other brewing methods by changing the physics of extraction during the infusion process.

    Tea and coffee brewing methods are governed by a set of physics-based rules when infusing a beverage at normal (or greater than normal) atmospheric pressure. However, RAI creates a completely new set of rules for infusing beverages by changing the air pressure around tea, coffee, herbs or dried fruit so the soluble flavor elements and natural sugars are extracted more completely and with tremendous purity and speed.

    Standard brewing methods are heavily reliant on contact time and water temperature to infuse tea, making it difficult to extract pure, optimal flavors with consistency, whereas the RAI’s infusion variables are based on vacuum (i) depth, (ii) duration and (iii) frequency. These negative pressure variables provide greater control over the brewing process so the soluble flavor elements are extracted optimally with unmatched speed and constancy. Also, brewing with negative pressure allows the extraction to occur at lower temperatures and with less exposure to flavor damaging hot water. Unique to the BKON TX and RAI is the ability to optimally brew any tea back-to-back, from the most delicate sencha, to complex herbals, to the most premium pu-erh.

    As the inventors of this process, BKON products are the only brewing systems that utilize RAI.

    Please note, as with any beta technology we are making continual refinements every day to optimize the units in the field. If you have any questions regarding BKON please visit or contact us at bkonbrew.com. All the best!

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    Still looks like a Teavana…only more expensive. But I was never really anti-Teavana to speak of – just their old business model. Jealous that you all got to meet at the event, though.

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    @xavier, my experience with BKON: – ask a question and you get a long rambling explanation of everything EXCEPT what you asked – seems to be continuing above.
    As I understand it, the actual container the brewing happens in is interchangeable. They have colour coded lids, so the operator knows that they grab a certain colour of a certain class of teas.

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    So they do it with negative pressure? And then, they do it like normal tea? I really must understand more about this negative pressure thing.

    @thedevotea engineers 😉

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    Thanks for the review.
    I am the guy who made the handcrafted teas.
    Let em know if you have any suggestions.

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