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      Xavier, Thank you for always reading and commenting on my posts. Based on the aisle space given to tea at this market, I would say they have a strong tea drinking community. The teas are available for consumer purchase. I would estimate from what I saw that they prefer tea bags to loose-leaf as the shelves had about 85% bagged tea offerings and about 15% loose-leaf tea.

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    Do all tea shops in Seattle not have to carry a Michale J,. Coffey approval sticker? I would have thought so.
    It looks like you had fun, but I want to see what happened later on your trip.

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    This market sounds awesome and just look at that tea selection! I miss Wegman’s too. I used to go every week but it’s just too far of a drive now. I second Robert’s comment. Definitely waiting to hear the rest of the story 🙂

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    Oh, how lovely to discover a new store. We love Wegmans but we don’t have one near us. I do however have a member’s card for the occasional trips we make to one, but all the branches are at least a couple of hours away. This shop looks wonderful. Baked goodies are a treat! As usual of course the tea is expensive. $11.29 for the Smith teamakers tea – wonder how little tea is in that fancy box. I love their design, I just know I’m getting very little tea. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics.

  4. Marilyn

    Nice post! I didn’t make it there this year, now I wish I had. It is a delightful place indeed.

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    @jopj this is what I thought but as I am still trying to figure the US tea community (even if I know a lot of very nice good tea people through you all), I had to ask.

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      @xavier, I think we are all trying to get the answer to this question. We have so many “closet” tea drinkers as well as many who are in denial about drinking tea, although they do drink it. I would ask you about your marketplace as well. You pose such an interesting question, sounds like a new blog post topic.

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    Wow, looks like you had a ton of fun and rightly so. I think I’d be drooling in that tea aisle. Hope I’ll be able to visit the festival one year.

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    @jopj I will think about it and see if I can think of anything clever to say.

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