An Issue and Rant

Just recently I have been faced with another disquieting situation. One that has been discussed both publicly and privately many times. This time it came from left field and has caused me to address it publicly.

The issue is the use of photos created by the owner without permission. Yes, I know that I relinquish part of my control when I post I got that!

What concerned me in this instance a Facebook “friend” re-posted to her follower base my photo with her own negative opinion attached which might lead her followers to believe I too support her message. I find this unacceptable.

Facebook message

I approached her with this issue via private message and asked her to remove the post. Her response to me was she could not do so as Facebook does not have this capability “Sorry. Has to stay. Blame Facebook.”

OK, what don’t I understand here? No apology for the incident, no acceptance of her actions, blaming Facebook as the culprit as if the social media site was in error.

She claimed that her message was sent to warn tea reviewers about her experience. I am not a reviewer, and my photo is my representation of an enjoyable tea experience not for misuse for negative opinions.


I have had issues before with others using my photos and addressed it they apologized and found a way to correct the situation to my satisfaction.

Just recently I had another conversation with someone where similarly their photo posting was used in a way that would lead readers to believe the posting had been created by the re-poster not the original author.

My question when do we start treating each other with respect on social media? Is it so difficult to ask permission to use photos or postings? I have used links to postings in the past for crediting great blogs and interesting assessments. I do not think this is the same thing, am I correct?

The outcome of this incident, the person has un-followed or blocked me so further discussion privately or publicly could not be had. Honestly, it is probably for the best although it saddens me the way this all came about.

If you choose to make comments on this issue please do not continue the negativity lets focus on how we can all, as tea professionals and enthusiasts continue to “get along” as our world, as large as it is, is very small.



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    I’m sorry you’ve had such an experience! I’d like to believe that most of these types of issues are a result of simply not thinking or not realizing. With all of the social networking platforms and the ease of being able to “Share” or “Retweet” or “Repost,” etc, I think it can be easy to forget to extend the courtesy of asking permission. But, as you’ve noted, in the vast majority of cases, you’ve been able to have the situation remedied once addressed, which shows hearts are in the right places.

    It seems the rules, or at least the guidelines, are not currently clear. When, how and why should photos or posts or any online material be explicitly attributed to the creator and when can it be assumed?

    It’s a topic I’m looking into, and I’ll share what I find. Maybe this is an opportunity to lay the ground rules and then share them within our communities.

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    Rules are most of the times unknown and being gentle can lead to such situations. But if you are lucky, you can also find really nice people that will change what they wrote/shared and talk with you.

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    That’s pretty unacceptable. Both the deed and the failure to fix the issue.

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    If this is the person who I think it is…he/she/it won’t stop. Others have had similar problems.

  5. Cryptowolf

    Might I suggest you add a watermark to your photos? I am an amateur photographer who has had some success selling my animal photos.

    I add a small, transparent watermark to the bottom of every photo I post. This helps notify others of my copyright in the work. It also gives me a better chance of getting a picture taken down if someone attempts to reuse the work without my permission.

    If you’d like to share your photo far and wide, you could always license some of your photos under Creative Commons. This will allow folks to reuse/remix your photos without having to ask for permission first. It all boils down to how you want your photos used. (Pun intended).

    Your photos are good enough that you may want to take these extra steps. Best wishes.

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    🙁 Sometimes you are reminded that there are people out there with behaviour that you wished did not exist.

    But most times (I hope) you are reminded that there are people out there with behaviour that luckily exists.

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    Only just saw this post. “Blame facebook”? Is that really true that a post can’t be removed? That sounds like rubbish. Very odd. Anyone?
    It’s a beautiful picture and of course it should not be attached to someone’s “warnings” about a third party. There is so much wrong with this: posting your pic as a tool to slam someone, not apologizing to you, not doing anything about it, cutting off dialog and blocking you instead.
    On the positive side; I know far, far more lovely tea people than unpleasant ones. In fact I can only think of a handful of people I’d put in the latter category. Very likely this “she” mentioned here is included.

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