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    How come people don’t know how to write things properly? Entr’acte? What is that for a strange word?
    Just kidding (am I really sure of myself?).

    Tea and opera seem so upper class and beginning of the 20th Century but if they were split I wouldn’t say that (don’t ask me why I think that).

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      As with the beauty of the leaf one does not have to be upperclass to enjoy. Musical and vocal beauty, with the advent of technology and modern media, can be enjoyed by anyone in a multitude of ways. I do not need a fancy pot to brew my leaves grandfather style will work just as well 🙂

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    I’ve only ever seen one opera…Faust.

    The Bugs Bunny one doesn’t count, does it?

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    Amazing, an opera focused on tea. Complete news to me too. How lovely your daughter surprised you with this gift. I agree with you, wouldn’t it be lovely to watch it (live) while drinking tea? One should arrange a special screening.

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      Thanks all for the comments. The Opera can be a beautiful Zen moment in its simplicity. I will savor the offerings for those times when beauty in the moment is needed. Come to think of it I just may bring it along on my upcoming trip where, I’m sure, Zen moments will be in order.

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    Lovely post! I am sorry it took me so long to read it. Although I have yet to see a traditional opera it is on my list. I am especially intrigued with the idea of an opera with a tea focus. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

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