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    I wish I had been in attendance. My calming influence would have been of benefit to all.
    And I know of few people who should doubt themselves less. Your energy, your enthusiasm, your dignity, your writing and your writing are all inspirational.

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    It was a wonderful evening indeed and with the company even better. It is always such a pleasure chatting with others that share the same passion mostly because you know when you are talking about tea they are actually listening and not just nodding in agreement. I must say I was rather envious of your macaroons Jo. So it has now inspired me to try my hand at making homemade macaroons. I have already started searching online for recipes and videos and I think I may just give it a go. Can’t wait for our next hangout.

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    Wasn’t it just yesterday we had our Fleece Fest? My, how time flies. It’ taken me so long to catch up. We had a lovely evening and it was particularly nice for me to meet Darlene, as I hadn’t talked to her previously.
    As to the macaroons – Rachel, have you tried any yet? I’ve baked them before and the uniform look is sometimes hard to achieve, and it can be tricky to get them to stay white. They often turn pale brown. Still, they are delicious. I was envious of you Jo, they looked divine. Glad you too had a nice evening.

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    I’m glad you could make it “out” with us on this little tandem experiment (which I kinda/sorta failed). Up until recently, I had the exact opposite problem you had, my calendar was nothing but open for stuff. Now, it’s perma-delayed. Er…like my Fleece Fest post.

    Wonderful anecdotes in here, dear.

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