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    Looks like a wonderful weekend getaway. Even the weather from your photos shows it was meant to be. How fun to be “spotted” my celebrity tea speaking friend!
    Thank you for sharing the photo of the Jane Austen teas. It’s fun to see them installed in a tea haven. The food sounded delish and a professional service complete.
    Your British fellow patron at dinner must have nearly fallen on the floor to hear and American explain tea! LOL
    Hooray for tea travels!

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    You are a true travel guide to tea and the USA (really useful if I ever come to the States).
    I recognised a Palais des Thés logo in the tea pot for the restaurant or am I wrong?

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      Yes, I had brought my own knowing that the restaurant offering might not meet my taste

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    I was just thinking the same as @xavier, we should collect all your various travel posts and print them out to have for when we go on trips. Love reading about your adventures in tea places I’ve heard about, but have never been to. Thanks for sharing and thanks for adding such lovely photos too.

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    By the way, Pete and I have been to a Spice and Tea Exchange in Williamsburg.

  5. Alex Zorach

    One of my friends at the University of Delaware recently told me about the Spice and Tea Exchange. I’m hoping to engage in a trade and try some of their teas. Right now there are two favorable reviews of their teas on RateTea too.

    I also love Annapolis…it is small but it has the feel of a small European city, I think more than just about any other place I’ve been in the U.S. I love the small, windy streets that seem designed more for walking than for cars.

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    Wow, sounds like you had a great tea-filled trip. I “heart” those.

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