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      Enough to say we would do it again. The interactions were amazing. The feeling you get when someone buys something you created is amazing. A gentleman picked up my tea card which was one of my photos he said “beautiful” and I blushed.

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    I too was curious as to what the response was. Glad you’d do it again. All the product displays look wonderful; I looove the little Princess tea set. Nice your beautiful photography is being appreciated.

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    I am so glad it was an all around success. I agree that it is in fact the most incredible feeling when others fall in love with something you have created. It is the ultimate compliment that will never be forgotten.

    Thank you and Joya for being my ambassadors at this event. It is your passion and love for my creations that translated to such a success for both my products and yours. I will be forever grateful. 🙂

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