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    A wonderful post that we can all learn from. I really loved it. Yours is a lovely personal bog with a real aura around it.

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    When I say “bog” I was just shortening ‘Blog” it’s an Australian thing. not a mistake as I don’t make those.

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    So much food for thought in one post. I was thinking about writing on this topic as well as I had read that same Linked In post that you saw. Everyone has a different style but I do wish that some bloggers would adopt a bit more decorum. They make it quite a bit harder for the industry to develop real relationships with bloggers. I’m penning a guide for tea bloggers and there will be a section on that.

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    Some really interesting and well thought thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. happygaiwan

    As a blogger with no sense of decorum at all, I’ll have to take some of these suggestions in mind. Maybe… : P

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    Thank you for these thoughts and observations. I arrived at this post from a piece on Tea Pages, also discussing tea blogging. I have resisted reviewing tea for the sake of reviewing, but rather only mention and link when it has context. From my perspective it seems that the most interesting tea bloggers are the ones who stay true to their view of tea and its place in their business or life.

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    I too found your blog through Tea Pages and I am in agreement/sentiment with all that is expressed within the blog. I have no readership either; I am not known at all. My blog seem focus on reviewing of teas and tea books etc. I am alone as blogger. I am appreciative when having found a good blog to try and keep them in mind. Thank you for sharing.

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    Nice post Jo – great to see how this topic really got the conversation going.

    Offering writing skills is an interesting idea, once the tea company has understood the impact good writing will or won’t have on their business.

    “Making money doing what you love.” Yes, indeed – wonderful thought. I guess I should say “it’s a plan.” Right?! : )

    By the way, I would also love to see more samples available. I tend to order from stores that do.

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