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    I like the poems/sentences with each picture.

    As for my favourite tea, it depends on the type of tea.

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      Xavier, since I mentioned Oolong, which is your favorite Oolong?

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    You are definitely not too late to the party. We’re still accepting registrations for any late comers 🙂

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      Thanks Nicole I will check into it. By the way which Oolong is your favorite?

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    Looks to me like you were right on time. No, being late to the ATB Carnival is not even being a part of the club…yet…

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    My favorite oolong at the moment is Doke oolong from Lochan Tea. Just beautiful! Anyway, I love this post here Jo, you should write a book of tea poetry, inspirational sayings!

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      Thank You Jackie. Looking forward to the “Doke Oolong” experience. So far quite a few people have joined the party although there is a shortage of Oolong favorites 🙂

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    As to oolongs, The Doke Rolling Thunder is my favorite, but the small qty of Pheonix Eight Immortals I got from you, Jo, was superb.
    And it’s never really a party until you show up.

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    Right now, I am out of Oolong.
    However, I like the name “Phoenix Eight Immortals”

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    I second Xavier; I like the combination of image and words in your graphics.

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