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    So many teaware but nowhere to drink tea? This is so sad.

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      I believe due to the large supply of tea ware in the various shops, that many people drink tea at home. An interesting fact that you can appreciate is that the original charter of the Martha’s Vineyard Campmeeting Association stated as part of their meeting schedule a break for tea at about 5pm

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    @iheartteas and @thedevotea did you know that you were both mentioned in this pure-tea-delight post? The photographs are incredibly inviting Jo, what beautiful pieces of teaware you managed to find. A pity there are no more real teashops, but at least there are plenty of pots to make the tea! As to the last teapot, I – uhm – don’t quite know what to say. Truly unique! 🙂 Nice your husband is hopping on board the tea cart.

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    Very cool and talk about extremely unique pieces of teaware. I saw the link @Jopj and I know I’m going to have to delve in a bit deeper. I appreciate you’re looking out for me. So happy you had the best trip and that you even had time for tea treasure hunting…the best kind of treasure hunting if you ask me. 🙂

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