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    A black tea but you drank green ones?

    It seems that the World Tea Expo is such a fascinating adventure.

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      The presentation was focused on green teas. I took the black tea home and am drinking some now.

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    Oh, you haven’t exhausted us at all with your lovely posts Jo! Yours and @iheartteas‘ accounts make fun reading. Wonder if anyone else on here sauntered over to “Teas from Taiwan” or the presentation? @teapages? @joysteaspoon? In any case Taiwanese Oolongs are among my favorites.

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    I’m so glad you got to experience this. Thomas Shu is truly a gift to the world. What a magnificent soul. And I completely missed Darlene this trip. I was so disappointed when I noticed a picture of her on Thomas’s page and realized we’d been just one aisle away from each other!

    I did not get to attend any of Thomas’s many, MANY presentations but since our booth was so near I did get to hear him sing and caught bits and pieces of several of the talks. I am amazed with the richness and expansiveness of what he was able to offer.

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    @Jopj You can never exhaust me. There was just so much to see, so much to experience at the Expo that personally it was a touch overwhelming to put down on paper. So for me it will come in stages. Though everytime I read your posts I notice how the two of us at the same place at the same time can still have such different experiences. Especially considering we spent a pretty good amount of time together. I wish I had stopped over to the ABC Teas booth. I remember you told to head over there and just say Michael Coffey sent me. I imagine at just the mear mention of his name music plays and a secret door leading to the most amazing teas opens in front of you with a stream of bright sunlight and red carpet rolls out immediately. Next, time I’ll be sure to make it a point. Reading your posts just makes me think, with all those people there how each of their experiences varied so greatly from mine and some even shared. So please keep the stories coming there is still much more “candy” we haven’t even talked about.

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    Thank you for sharing Jo. I certainly echo Katrina’s sentiment about Thomas Shu. He is certainly a generous chap with time, knowledge and energy. He symbolises all that should be in the tea world. He is a very humble chap and I learned a lot from the small chat I had with him earlier this year and I feel truly privileged to have spoken with him. I really enjoyed reading this post, Jo, thank you for taking the time to writing it. I love learning about countries producing teas not normally associated with that country, and I can’t wait for the opportuni-tea to taste them too. Pi Luo Chun, Dragonwell from Taiwan – they sound so appealing! Thanks again.

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