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    I like this “slow” approach to selling items.
    This is the difference between a salesman and a true artisan that loves what it does.

  2. amyoh

    Those pots all look really lovely. If I went to the Tea Expo I would leave with no money whatsoever! It sounds like a fun event.

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    The teapots are truly lovely and such a variety. The blue colored teapot for example is qutie a beauty and I loved the sets too – especially the teapot with teapot stand – a candle in the stand will keep the tea hot for a while. Thank you for documenting this.

  4. ·

    What a lovely enticing blog post, hard to read this, and not want them all. I can imagine how hard it must be to decide which one to take home. How interesting, that you had to “pass a test.” If you had not known the answers, would they really not have given the set to you? Or would they just have educated you first, and then allowed you to purchase?
    I can understand that letting go of artwork is hard. It’s not that I’m an artist myself, but I do know that I have got attached to things I’ve created, and wouldn’t want to sell them. Lucky for me, I’m not in that position.
    Your tea broaches are so so imaginative, and nicely designed, I keep on meaning to take a picture. I still have a lot of catching up to do!
    Thanks for sharing your World Tea Expo adventures with us,

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