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    I love your posts Jo. I feel like I’m traveling with you, meeting all the people you met, and perusing the booths. How wonderful.
    The new products you’ve mentioned are particularly interesting to me. Always great to hear about innovations. As to the Pop-Art teapot, first thought in my mind was; wow what a cool teapot. Then I read that you too had thought I’d like it. It’s amazing how you can read my mind 🙂 I took a look at their German site too, thanks for sharing the links.

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      Only reading the tea leaves Jackie, only the tea leaves.

  2. The Purrfect Cup

    I really enjoyed the Ancient Phoenix Fermented Puer I picked up from Wild Tea Qi at the Fall event. At that event they only had samples to offer as customs was holding up their merchandise (so I ordered some to arrive later…worth the wait)!

    Can you tell me more about the travel items at Thistledown? I had heard rumors of something in the works…

    Thank you for the updates! I really hope to be reporting from the Expo in Vegas next year alongside you!

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      They are quite cute I attached the link so you could take a look. Note all of the items inside the traveler do not come with it i.e. no thermos or spoons I think they do come with the tins to hold the tea. Thanks for reading and responding. My wish is that we could have a teatra.de meet-up national and international.

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    It was lovely to meet you, and I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to actually have much of a conversation. The booth was indeed quite busy almost the entire weekend, which was good in a way but didn’t leave me a lot of exploring/socializing time.

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    “I made a decision there and then not to go immediately into panic mode.”
    Such is the power of tea 😛

    Really interesting posts.
    This expo must be quite huge. I am impressed…

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    I just have to ask, what is that tea goody filled trunk in the last picture? I’ve been looking for something just like it.

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      It’s called “TravelingTeaⓇ” just something I created for my offsite tea tastings. I’ll be discussing and the creation as part of my presentation at World Tea East in October. Thanks for asking.

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    “TravelingTeaⓇ”? Interesting.
    Too bad, I try to travel as light as possible.

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      Yes Xavier I agree, traveling light is the way to go. The “Traveling Tea” makes it easy for me to host tea tastings for 40 out of this one rolling cart which keeps everything simple and easy to set up and then cart away.

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