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    Amazing work Jo! How did you create these handcrafted lapels? Also, what are they made of? They look wonderful. The tea of course does have a fascinating leaf.
    By the way I enjoyed listening to your music. I tink music is very inspiring indeed.

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      I first drink and enjoy the tea. Once the leaves are spent, I re-dry them arranging them for best formation and display. The base is made with a heat hardening clay once the base is hardened resin is poured over the leaf. This is just one way I recycle the leaves. What is your favorite tea leaf?

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    It looks really interesting.

    Can you paint them afterwards?

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      Oh Sir you are too kind although your last post got me moving

  3. amyoh

    Very nice! I love to dabble in he arts myself but I am finding it hard to get inspired. Perhaps I will draw some inspiration from my tea leaves soon. 🙂

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      I would so enjoy seeing your work. Have a cup, be inspired!

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    Thank you, @jopj! I’m inspired by inspiring this. 🙂 The leaves look like brushstrokes of gold! I can’t wait to see it…

    Also, what is Wood Dragon? I love the name, but I’ve never tasted it (or heard of it, to my knowledge…).

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      Thank you for your reply. The gold is in the flavor of the brew.
      Wood Dragon is a twig tea, Nantou County, Taiwan. I find it a comforting tea with a warm, roasted, woody flavor.

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