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    Looks like a wonderful and peaceful place.

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    @xavier it lookeD like a wonderful and peaceful place 😛
    But yes, Jo – you’re making us sad about the closing of a place I didn’t even know. However, when I looked at their website they were talking about their “next retail store” in quite a confident manner, so teacups crossed. Do you have any idea why they had to leave this location here?
    Anyway, I do envy you for having had such a choice, and for being surrounded by people who apparently think hot tea is cool. It isn’t like that everywhere, certainly not where we are. I have no idea where the nearest such place might be, but I can say with certainty it’s too far away. We need more such lovely little tea spots. In the meantime, tea drinking is certainly enhanced by our wonderful online tea friends such as you!

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      Thanks for all the responses. Yes Xavier is was a quiet peaceful place. Jackie it was my understanding the building was sold. I am so hoping they will open soon again I am missing them already.

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    I have to add another comment because I’m curious about your first picture. You mentioned to me it was a Matcha bowl. I don’t drink Matcha ever, so I am in need of some enlightenment. What are those wooden tools used for? I just know of Matcha whisks. I love the pic of the beautiful blue bowl.

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      The long wooden scoop atop of the bowl is a bamboo tea scoop used with Matcha. The leaf carved are wooden tea scoops that are great for handling delicate tea leaves. It is best to use a scoop for your higher grade teas, as oils from the hands could potential alter the taste of the tea.

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    Whaaaaa?! In Pursuit of Tea closed!? I’ve reviewed stuff by them before. I liked them!

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      Not to worry Geoff the tea is still available on their website http://www.inpursuitoftea.com with new arrivals coming in regularly. What I will miss is the personal interaction, the face to face contact, the pleasure of conversing with tea minded people. Similarly to what you have mentioned in your most recent http://www.lazyliteratus.com/1616 and previous posts. There is something special about sharing a cup with friends.

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    We don’t often get the chance to share a cup with friends – no tea shops and few friends close to us who like tea. But I can relate to how lovely it is to do so. When we had tea last year with @lahikmajoe & @xavier in Munich, that’s exactly how it was. Some very special hours spent drinking tea with them. Hopefully we can do that with you too one day Jo, and with all our other tea friends on here.

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    I read this the other day, and keep thinking about it. I’m really sorry this place is closing. The way you write about it makes me really want to experience it as you have.


    Oh well. Hopefully, they’ll be back or another comfy, personable tea shop will open in nearby soon.

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      It was my plan, if you or any of the crew were ever to visit, to meet you there as it was so special. I am so hoping they will find a new home soon and create as wonderful an atmosphere as was previously.

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    @jackie @jopj

    I couldn’t decide if they were closed on a temporary or definitive basis, hence my use of the wrong tense.

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