Scandalously BeauTEAful

Scandalous can be both good and bad in today’s use of the term,for example; “Scandalous Beauty”.
Today’s post is on the exquisitely beautiful side.
As some of you are aware I have been hosting a series of tea events entitled “TEAed’s” where the attendees learn something about tea as well as tea tasting.
The last event focused on

“The Art Of Tea Cup Collecting”


Darlene Meyers-Perry “theteaenthusiastsscrapbook

Darlene has been collecting tea cups and tea pots for a few years and has an amazing collection.

On her blog she features her finds in the post “Teacup Tuesdays”.


At our event she made some simple suggestions about collecting:

  • Purchase teacups from yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, e-bay, Esty, and retail stores
  • Enhance your personal tea time experience by using different teacups to fit your mood
  • Don’t worry about playing the match game when you are planning a tea party.
  • Grouping an assortment of different pattern teacups is totally chic!

I added some suggestions as well:

  • Search your cabinets for family heirlooms.
  • Start with what you own, love and has special family history.
  • Research what you have. Look online for the history of the patterns and the manufacturer.
  • Log your findings adding your personal notes of how you came about owning the piece.
  • If it is a recent purchase log the price of purchase.
  • Set up a display space in your home.

I was invited recently to the home of a friend who has a very unique collection. She has an incredible eye for the
Scandalously BeauTeaful.



You can start or add to your own collection right here on with Ya Ya’s lovely offering on YaYaTeahouse.

Wonderful gift idea for any tea lover, and while you are looking for tea gifts also check these sites The Purrfect Cup. Keenteathyme and IHeartTeas




  1. ·

    Some of these pots are really surprising.

  2. Darlene

    Hi Jo,

    It was an honor to share my love of tea cup collecting with you and all of the others tea enthusiast present at the last TEAed event! Thank you for including me in the “Scandously BeauTEAful” category.

    Thank you also for the lovely blog post!

    Oh, your friends teapot collection is stunning! Sounds to me like another event theme is steeping. 🙂 Keep me posted.

    Blessings, Darlene

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