Lahikmajoe Sightings

There has been a recent phenomenon here in the states.

It seems that there have been unverified sightings of one of my favorite Teatra.ders in various parts of the United States.

Most recent  being Lahikmajoes’ own mention on twitter

“My spirit animal is still running wild outside of Zainsville, Ohio”.


Prior to this revelation, about a month ago, another tweeter suggested they saw someone resembling his person in the U.S. (and I cannot remember which Montana, Michigan some U.S. city which started with an M) coincidence?

I too have had Lahikmajoe sightings that I would like to share.

At the beginning of my exposure, I read practically every current posting, to see if this venue would be the place for my ideas.

I enjoyed the posts and the awesome concept both Peter and Jackie had put together.

Decidedly, I had some favorites. Those whose posts:

  • stimulated my brain or palate
  • inspired me
  • provided information and education about my passion, tea
  • possessed great writing skills
  • shook me out of terminal over seriousness

With the connection on twitter and hearing about his daily escapades, it was uncanny when I saw someone who resembled Lahikmajoe on the local subway.

I knew from twitter he is fond of train travel and this young man was obviously a visitor.

I could not decipher clearly what he was saying (my german being to old for accurate translation).

He was dressed in Lahikmajoe fashion, brimmed hat, comfortable hiking gear, bearded and good humored.

I looked for the one giveaway which would confirm his presence “THE FLASK”!

Yes, this person was drinking tea, but alas it was not Munich traveler I had read.

Confirmation this was not the person I had read.  

He carried an RTD and not a very good one at that.


Months later on another subway trip I heard someone playing incredible music.  A combination of notes and nuances which conjured up memories of a fine Oolong.

I turned to find the source.

Behind me sat a long haired musician, wearing a brimmed hat, sporting a beard.

Beside him sat a flask, could it be the infamous?

As I walked toward the man and his music, struggling to find my camera phone to capture proof of my sighting, my train came into the station and I had to board.

I find this all very strange.  Maybe it’s the Sleeping Dragon.

I think I’ll cut back on my tea consumption as these sightings are somewhat disturbing.


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    He is a myth. It’s a game we all play. The posts are actually written by the a Chinese dissident who fears for his own safety if his identity was revealed. The picture is a photshopped Jesus, with hat.

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    First of all thank you for the lovely compliments, which I admit have made my day. Well, my night.
    Now on to those mysterious sightings. There is actually a scientific term for them, “ULMAJO” Unidentified Lahikmajoes. There are plenty of them, sometimes in expected places, such as tea shops, train stations, or mountain tops – sometimes in locations you wouldn’t normally find a Lahikmajoe. This includes, but isn’t limited to appearances in ritzy night clubs, movie sets, or under bridges frequented by the homeless. While you can almost always rule out Lahikmajoe gyrating on a dance floor, or snogging a starlet on film, the bridges can be a bit tricky. You’ll just have to go up close and look for the orange flask.
    The biggest problem spotting another ULMAJO is coping with the utter disappointment when once again, “he” wasn’t the real thing. For 9 times out of 10, Lahikmajoe isn’t wherever you thought you saw him, he’s happily on twitter.

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    I am so glad to read this. I thought it was just me. I always see him skateboarding down my street on the 32nd of the month.

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    Did anyone consider that perhaps he is a tea spirit that disguises as ULMAJO while pretending to be a Chinese dissident?

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    Didn’t you know he has the ability to teleport? I think it’s an ability you can only learn in Munich.

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    I’m really flattered by all of the attention.

    What a nice hommage to my tea drinking/blogging personality.

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