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    A Vietnam Coconut Black…
    With a 20/20 insight, it makes sense but before that, I had no clue.

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    I wanted to make a wild guess when I read the original challenge, but I just couldn’t fathom what it could be. I’m with Xavier.

    Now I really want a Vietnam Coconut Black. I’m sure one of you will blend that up and have it on the Tea Trade market in record time.

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    Ah! Coconut! Now I’m craving an Almond Joy and a good strong cup of black tea.

    Thank you for the challenge and for sharing with us – it was fun to ponder origins without the usual aid of taste and smell. Puts us in mind of how much we take for granted.

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    I have tried all the wares from Tea Hawaii except for their green tea. Their stuff is superb. Down-‘n-out superb. Their oolong is worth the price of admission.

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