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    Great, I can hear the music in the background.

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    Yes! I’m the first one to reply. Love this promising start to a “scandalous” blog. Much looking forward to secrets passed down the blog roll, which bound by the Tea Trade honor code, we shall never spill. Well, “never” in the sense of: “not now this minute. Probably later though.”
    What really makes me happy Ms Scandalous Tea is that right here in you introductory post you’ve linked several bloggers who inspired you to your post. In doing so you’re creating more dialogue, and are strengthening our community. I believe we bloggers don’t just write for ourselves, we write to share our passion.
    “These blogs are meant for sharing, and that’s just what they’ll do – one of these days these blogs are gonna reach to all of you.”

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    So I’ve inspired you to tattle on the tea crowd, share rumour, gossip and innuendo.? Fantastic. Saves wasting your life with meaningless pursuits.

    Are you going to give us gossip column-style tidbits, like “What US tea guru was found in a hotel room in Chicago with three ladies of the night, a llama and CHEAP TEA BAGS???” Or “We hear that a certain tea writer has been cautioned for running through public parks in Munich, carrying an orange flask of tea, wearing nothing but socks and a beard” Or how about “Insiders tell us that a famous Australian Tea Video Blogger has refused a knighthood because Buckingham Palace didn’t have any Lapsang Souchong”?

    That’s the sort of vital information we all need to read.

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      With your assistance Dear Sir, I am sure we can come up with something.

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    I can already tell this’ll be one of my favourite teablogs.

    We could use a bit of spice in the teablogging world. Welcome aboard.

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      I hope so, as soon as I can get rid of the ERROR 404 which comes up on online search. Or is this some sort of pre-warning?
      I did mention you are up next (thanks for you’re “reply”)

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