Art Of The Blend “LifeBlends”

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For those of you who could not attend

Here are some snippets from the “Art of the Blend”

The event so named to honor the teas,

created by none other than “The Devotea”

Lord Petersham took center stage


as it led the charge and saved the day,

The tables set with floral displays, surrounded by tea and herbal array

With assistance from Eric and Romi on point, The service was grand not a thing out of joint

Dare I say who graced our dining hall. a visual of Robert upon our wall.



He spoke to our president and answered the call,

To bring his blends to U.S. shores.

In addition to answering this request, we heard about blending techniques

from one of the best,






With the help of G+ and its hangout feature The Devotea answered questions,


with Jackie D in shadows, observing procedures.

A memory tribute to one who has past, who supported our tea events from first to last






Then came the time for the test to begin, as the patrons endeavored

to create their own blends






The smell of the flowers, herbs and tisanes






The creation of white tea, Darlene from The Tea Lovers Archives, explained.


Tea was the talk at every table,

from afar you could hear the resonance of Robert’s tea fables.







Then the gifts, a number to choose

The winning prizes could not lose











Before the finale the patrons were able to shop from vendors, lovely items on every table






Kiri's Jewels













We bid so long, and then adieu









Until next years event,

Hope it will be with you.



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