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    Great post! Love the teaware. Plus, I learned a lot and now I want to travel to both Taiwan and Japan even more.

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for taking us on a magical, mysterious and educational journey steeped in righteous tradition :)))))


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    Really great post, Jo.

    I know next to nothing about Japanese teaware? (What IS a Houhin, anyway?)

    This at least shed some smidge of light on the complexities of it. Thanks.

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      According to Ricardo, in an answer he posted to the question on Steepster

      “The houhin teapot is meant for brewing gyokuro. I would use it for that purpose only, for other Japanese teas a kyusu may be better.

      Keep in mind the differences between cups, cups for gyokuro hold less liquid than other cups, because gyokuro is meant to be a concentrated brew at low temperature.

      Of course, at the end is a matter of personal preference, but be warned that a houhin generally holds little water, so you cannot brew many cups of teas that use a lot of water (such as bancha types, 120 ml per cup).”

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    A really informative post and I am glad you found treasures.

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