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    Here in MN, a bit of Yak butter/green tea moisturizer would be very welcome! Yak momos are also very tasty but this may be too much after such a lovely blog posting. I’m off to see if I can purchase a yak. We live off a park trail, that should keep her busy. Besides, we have at least 2 more months of winter. At the very least, yak butter for tea!

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      Thanks for the feedback Julia. The recipe for the tea was quite easy and as I mentioned my daughter really enjoyed it. 🙂

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    Now, this is a Butter and Tea blog post. 😀

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    Yaks sound like the perfect animals to keep around. Even though we’re not in the northeast, a yak could come in quite handy. I wonder if you could pop one in the mail for us if you come across one, perhaps strolling down Broadway?
    If you can’t get a box large enough, I shall just come up and visit. Although I hope we don’t have to share a room with the yak? I’d share a cup of tea with it though, but I’m not sure I would like the buttery kind.
    My own post at: http://cupsofteawithjackie.teatra.de/fine-words-butter-no-parsnips/

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    Tea with yak butter and parsnip. How does that taste?

    And with the yak you can start a Tea Yak road as replacement of the Tea Horse road.

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