Carnival and I’m Invited

Ok, so I always get the feeling I’ll be late to the party.  Well, here’s an attempt to be on time to the Association of Tea Bloggers Carnival.

My dear friend and fellow ATB member, The Devotea, is one that prides himself on being on time and early in fact “Why carnival when you can Fiesta” he has stated his case in the grand Sir Devotea fashion. Another fun post sir.

As a very new ATB member I am excited that this will be my first post and it’s a celebration!



My exposure to tea was not late, I began drinking both black tea (fannings) and cultural herbals at an early age (a remedy when we were under the weather).

My tea drinking tastes and enjoyment has progressed exponentially as I wander on this journey which is my passion.

To answer the question posed by ATB What is my “favorite tea”, my immediate response is “single origin, loose leaf” although I am aware that the answer is not specific enough.




To be frank, I’ve got this thing for Oolongs and I do have many favorites. Being a person who bores easily, the changes that occur within one sitting with an Oolong tickles my fancy. Multiple infusions, changes and surprises that’s my cup of tea.

My most recent grand experience was with Phoenix Eight Immortals.

I had taken it on a recent trip to treat myself to a special cup, in a special place.

Not having my traditional brewing equipment with me I was concerned that the brew would be less than stellar.




To my amazement with spring water which I had no idea of the exact temperature, I could only gauge by hand feel, I enjoyed an incredible brew. You know, the one where although you’ve had the tea before an enjoyed it, this time it comes out perfectly suited to your palate and it’s like your very first time.

Maybe it was the place, the time of day or the position of the moon, this was special.

So Phoenix Eight Immortals gets my vote for not letting me down even in less than perfect conditions.

What is your “favorite tea”? Please share (comments accepted with gratitude).

Oh and before I forget, there is also the Tea Bloggers Choice Awards 2012, unfortunately I am too late to the party to become an elector, if it were possible I would vote for 1001 Nights by The Devotea, in the category of Green Tea, blended. I have tried this tea and although I have a staunch “straight-up no additives” tea preference, this Green tea herbal blend is like none other I’ve tried. The combination of green tea, peppermint, lemon grass and lemon myrtle is soothing and delightful. 

If you happen to be in NYC and find yourself uptown you can try a cup of this wonderful brew at “The Chipped Cup” 3610 Broadway, New York

A short update:

Quite a few other tea bloggers have joined the party, check out their favorite teas

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Join us by letting me know your favorite tea.


10 Comments so far

  1. Profile photo of xavier  xavier on August 16th, 2012          

    I like the poems/sentences with each picture.

    As for my favourite tea, it depends on the type of tea.

    • Profile photo of jopj  jopj on August 17th, 2012          

      Xavier, since I mentioned Oolong, which is your favorite Oolong?

  2. Profile photo of teaformeplease  Nicole Martin on August 16th, 2012          

    You are definitely not too late to the party. We’re still accepting registrations for any late comers :)

    • Profile photo of jopj  jopj on August 17th, 2012          

      Thanks Nicole I will check into it. By the way which Oolong is your favorite?

  3. Profile photo of lazyliteratus  lazyliteratus on August 17th, 2012          

    Looks to me like you were right on time. No, being late to the ATB Carnival is not even being a part of the club…yet…

  4. Profile photo of jackie  jackie on August 17th, 2012          

    My favorite oolong at the moment is Doke oolong from Lochan Tea. Just beautiful! Anyway, I love this post here Jo, you should write a book of tea poetry, inspirational sayings!

    • Profile photo of jopj  jopj on August 17th, 2012          

      Thank You Jackie. Looking forward to the “Doke Oolong” experience. So far quite a few people have joined the party although there is a shortage of Oolong favorites :-)

  5. Profile photo of thedevotea  thedevotea on August 17th, 2012          

    As to oolongs, The Doke Rolling Thunder is my favorite, but the small qty of Pheonix Eight Immortals I got from you, Jo, was superb.
    And it’s never really a party until you show up.

  6. Profile photo of xavier  xavier on August 18th, 2012          

    Right now, I am out of Oolong.
    However, I like the name “Phoenix Eight Immortals”

  7.   notesontea on August 18th, 2012          

    I second Xavier; I like the combination of image and words in your graphics.