A Gift With A Difference

photo 2 (42)It’s the Holidays and a time to be joyous and drink lots of tea. This season with the state of my world I have chosen to celebrate in a simpler, more somber way.

Celebrating the gratitude I have, for what I have, and help others in the hopes for tomorrow.

I will revel the sense of calm I feel, drinking my cups of tea along with homemade sweets and treats.

There will not be many gifts under the tree, and those that are there, I will probably create myself. No, this is not a downer, this is the way I choose and it’s not for everyone.

In wanting to help others within our Tea Industry and support their endeavors, I will mention an offering I looked at, to send whatever support I could. (Sorry it is not much).

Since the inception of the US League Of Tea Growers, I’ve followed and cheered on, progresses by the member growers. Ordering tea from many of the farms that currently have leaves ready for brewing, enjoying the journey immensely and look forward for each new seasons offering.

GMTCOne farm, that is at the beginning stages of cultivation, is in Mississippi, headed by Jason McDonald, The Great Mississippi Tea Company . Jason has taken on an incredible feat and has done so wonderfully. He has solicited the efforts and guidance of some of the most knowledgeable in our industry.

The mission “setting out on a course to develop a working model for commercial tea farming in the First World as a beacon for the world to implement mechanization and innovative thinking to produce and sell an ethically sustainable crop for the masses while not employing the traditional labor standards so widely used in the industry.”

Recently, I got a notice about an opportunity being offered that I wanted to be a part of  ADOPT A TEA PLANT.

Yes, I want to grow my own tea plant, although knowing my history with plants, until I do more research and investigate my options for this climate, I do not feel ready to do so. By adopting a plant I feel as if I am growing one that will have a better chance of survival.

The offer has many levels and I found one that fit my budget, although I would have so enjoyed dining with Jason and Tea Expert, Nigel Melican that is offered at the $5000.00 level.

If you are looking to treat yourself to something different this season, or give someone a gift of an adopted tea plant check out the link. Helping someone in our industry is something to consider.

jo (1)

By the way Jason, do I get a photo of my plant and get to name it? J



Tea for the Road-Qterra NOVO

Yes, I admit it, I have more tea gadgets than I can use in my lifetime. As each new product is developed and released I must try and examine it, always looking for a simpler, convenient way to do what I do “Taking Tea On The Road”.

I have three new prototypes/releases in my sights and one I will focus on one of these now.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.13.44 PMThere is a KickStarter I was made aware of that peeked my interest an offering by Qterra NOVO. This multi-steep travel brewer may be an answer to my travel tea requests.

The inventor Pierre Baston inspired by both Latin American & Asian steeping methods created this brewer that will allow me to steep tea leaves multiple times and have it at a drinkable temperature immediately. The product will be spill proof and has a pushbutton unit you can hold and operate in the palm of your hand.

Qterra Multi Steeper

I can see this being practical for the one on one, oolong tastings I conduct, focused on the teas multiple steep qualities and sample the changing of the notes of the brew. My only concern is that the client may want to take the steeper with them.

I also look forward to adding this to my tea travel pack for both the long drives or train experiences.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 5.13.11 PM

Check out the video and if you are so inclined, participate.

Cups Up!


Giving Thanks

Cornucopia with pumpkins on brown backgroundI enjoy celebrations. The time we take to gather together and join with family, friends and community, to recognize the little joys we may have and the great blessings we have been gifted.

This Thanksgiving will come with mixed blessings, as the state of many and the current ways of the world are mired in injustice.

I am reminded to maintain an “attitude of gratitude” and yes, I am grateful, I am blessed, and life is hard.

One of my blessings comes in the form of the leaf that has brought many joys into my life.

Tea…The endless cups of salvation on days when the despair is overwhelming.  The posts on FaceBook and Twitter from my friends in the leaf that remind me there are likeminded people in this world.  We all have our trials and tribulations. A “LIKE” on a thought or a comment on a post can help change my perspective.

So this Thanksgiving, I will take the time to hoist a cup of each of these teas in tribute to some those who have made my journey special.


photo (7)I will start my Thanksgiving morning with a cup of Earth Morning a blend of my own combining Pu-erh, Ceylon and Keemun in tribute to my achievement and recognition of my ITEI Institute Instructors; Sylvana and Brigitte. Thank you both for your patience.



For our late morning brunch I will pair the cinnamon waffles with the last remnants of Apple HarvestApple Harvest by The Tea Lovers Archives, Darlene Meyers-Perry, in tribute for the sweetness she has added to my life.

KoichaFor the Football afternoon snacks there’s Matcha on the menu in both my cup and on my plate. Matcha Dusted Cheese Doodles along with Matcha Unjonotomo by Harney & Sons.

Lord PetershamOur Traditional holiday, Turkey and the fixin’s dinner would not be complete without a pot of my mom’s favorite tea, that she still calls “the good tea”, Lord Petersham  by The Devotea, Robert Godden. This tea a complement to any meal


Tea Philosophy

Evening movie time and dessert will be complete with Crown Heights Chai by Tea Philosophy, Verna Hamilton, a great match with the basic apple pie and ice cream my family enjoys. I may just create simple syrup from the tea to place on top of the ice cream. Yum.

Bedtime brew will be Serengeti’s Honeybush to complete and confirm the end of a successful day, thank you Caranda.


We will start off simply with tea, toast and jam, complimented by Lochan Tea Limited, Doke Black Fusion thank you Vivek and Rajiv.

photo 1 (32)Still full from last evening’s meal, our bunch will be appetizer snacks of Delice de Bourgogne Brie, seasonal fruit and slivers of prosciutto, along with a 2005 Aged Oolong (Jin Huan) by Bingley’s Teas; Julia Matson will work splendidly.

photo 2 (35)Early Dinner, leftovers are on the menu. There’s nothing better than second day Turkey Feast, why you ask? Well, for one reason, I don’t have to cook! The meal will be vegetable heavy, kale, brussel sprouts, baked acorn squash and a green tea, Organic Jaksul Green, ChutMool from Hankook Tea. Thank You Mina.

Time to add a little sweetness to the table with Creamy Pumpkin Spice created by IHeartTeas to highlight the Carla Hall’s Pecan Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream. Rachel, thank you.

CelebrationFood filled and in rest mode I will take time to enjoy Celebration by Harney & Sons in honor of the memory of John Harney.


Rose The Macaron BlancMorning Fruit and almond silver dollar pancakes will be highlighted by one of my own blends Rose Thè Macaron Blanc a white tea blend with bourbon vanilla notes, a favorite of Jen Piccotti thanks Jen.

The lazy afternoon will be spent watching Football and eating Brazilian Coconut Popcorn and IHeartTeas; I Dream Of Milk and Coconut Oolong.

photo 3 (16)Finger sandwiches for a light lunch will be an assortment that will include any leftover turkey on challah bread and sandwich bites of egg salad along with Wild Tea Qi’s, Wild Lapsang Souchong thank you Shana.


Dinner Roasted Lamb, Herb Crusted Potatoes and Southern Green Beans Redux;  Thank you Sanura Weathers. For the tea, Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black by Butiki teas a staple that has kept me off the ledge many a day, thank you Stacy.

Lady VioletFor dessert and delight we will watch reruns of Downton Abbey nibbling on Mille-Feuille and sipping Lady Violet by The Tea Lovers Archives I know no better way to end a Holiday Weekend and being thankful for the blessings and people in my world.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating this week and not to forget all those who have given me hope and encouragement over this year, all of my Immediate Family, the ladies and gentlemen of Movement Of The People Dance Company, as well as, Myra, Nuwr, Marilyn, Janet, Ana, Stephanie, David, Jackie, Peter, Natasha, Nicole M. and Nicole S., Courtney, Yoon Hee, Geoff, Margo H, Ken, Xavier, Bram, Lynda, Kristyn, Andy, Michele, Linda V., Gail, Judith, Deborah, Robert M., Sara, Michael J., Tony G., Katrina, Lisa, Linda G., Chris G., Naomi, Gary, Jason W., Joy, Terry, Melanie, Omar, Nancy K., Lorraine, Elyse, Jo Ann, Chris C., Chris H., Lisa, Susan S., Alicia B., “O”, Erminia, Barbara S., Jason McD, Renee, Erica, Shirlyn, Helen, Nigel, James N.P., Keith, Jowell, Henry T., Milton N., Vijay I., Kerry W., Viola D. and all those whom I have met whose names too many to mention .

And yes, Xavier, I will be drinking a lot of tea :-)

*note Apple Harvest by The Tea Lovers Archives has been discontinued as well as Bukiti Tea, Wild Taiwanese Black, I think I may have the last of these J





An Evening At Globus Washitsu

Globus Washitsu Color Of JapanIt was difficult getting up and out last evening. The thought of going out into the cold caused my excitement about a planned attendance at an upcoming exhibit to dwindle.

The trooper in me reminded me of my commitment to attend Globus Washitsu ‘s “Color Of Japan” exhibit, featuring the works of Tomomi Kamoshita.

Along with this reservation to attend the reception, I was looking forward to meeting Souheki Mori, “Tea-Whisk” and having real life interaction with my tea friends Nicole Martin, “Tea For Me Please”, Natasha, “Snooty Tea Person” and my sister in tea “Tea Philosophy”, Verna L. Hamilton.

photo 3 (8)

Nicole & Natasha

Opportunities to connect with tea friends come few and far in between these days, so I dressed for the weather and headed out.

Upon arrival, lovely young woman, wearing a beautiful kimono, greeted me; she graciously checked my name off the list and informed me that my friend was waiting. I walked down the entryway to the vision of the beaming smile and presence of Verna.

Playing “quick elevator catch up” on the state of our well beings, we arrived on our floor. There we found the designated door along with the area where we were to place our shoes. I had prepared myself for this requirement by wearing my “special” tabi socks.Tabi Socks

What I wasn’t prepared for was the serene and beautiful environment I was about to explore. Upon entering the Zen surroundings, floors covered with tatami mats, walkways created with slabs of stone with rocks surrounding. The sound of water trickling from the stone fountain in the entryway set the tone.

I was welcomed and invited to look at Tomomi’s exquisite work. I was struck by the colorful display. Not the usual color palate, the representation was a subtle and striking array. I was enamored. Each setting collection was an assortment of pieces that would enhance any tea service, the cups, delicate and begged to be held. I was encouraged to pick them up by another beautifully kimono clad young woman, when she introduced herself I was taken aback; I was actually speaking to the artist. When I get opportunities to speak to an actual creator I am always humbled.

Each setting was complete with a description of the color and inspiration. There were also historical notations regarding the colors. I found myself having a hard time moving past the blue grouping. It may have been the description that referred to the sky and I am such a sky aficionado.

The center of the room featured Tomomi’s work in “kin-tsugi” the display enchanting. Yes, I was mesmerized. Her work distinctive, utilizing the gold paint with levels of texture and distinct stylistic nuances. I have attempted this process myself and was inspired as I examined the work of a professional up close. In one offering she combined an antique plate with a modern that was one of my favorites.

I do not want to neglect to mention, during the exhibit we were musically adorned by featured musician Jun Ando who played fusion techniques on the koto, the music was calming, centering and perfect for stimulating reflection.

photo 1 (26)

The exhibition continued upstairs where we were encouraged to take a whiff of a grouping of wonderful, scents, then on to view the grouping of matcha bowls.

Also on display was a two toned chasen, something I had not seen before.photo 1 (21)

Everything was so wonderful, and our host Stephen, gracious and welcoming.

Thank you all for an amazing experience.

Inspired by the evenings events I came home and indulged in a cup of matcha and my gift from Tomomi, Thank you.

matcha & giftFor more information, and better photo quality representation of Tomomi’s work please visit her website.

From Tomomi’s Website:http://rittau.jimdo.com/

Her bio reveals, she was born in Tokyo and graduated from Joshibi University Ceramic course in 2000. She has exhibited at “RITTAI TO UTSUWA” since 2007 and has held exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris and New York to list a few places. She has recently begun exploring the fine art of “kin-tsugi” with great result. She states her goal is to come up with colors that attract the human eye, the kind of colors that people want to keep looking at.


Forgive me

Where have I been? You might ask… Well, the stories are much too long to relate in a blog, and may just be book worthy.

I am putting fingers to keyboard today to recognize the anniversary of this blog. Last month, three years ago I began in earnest and today with life moving faster than my fingers I have fallen behind in my postings.

This entire summer I neglected the word, though I did not neglect the leaves.


Festivals & Markets

Many of you are aware that I completed my tea blending certification and I am in the process of taking that on the road both online and onsite.

I have recently conducted an onsite tea blending training class that was a great success.

In addition I have created a few blends, sent out samples and now have a few orders pending.

I have been busy and that has not stopped. One shortcoming about this state of affairs is the time required to post and I am working on that work life balance.

So with this I will bring you up to speed with photos of What I’ve been up to conclude with some announcements of a few events in coming months.

Road Trip:

Drive Bys:

Spending time with friends and drinking tea of all types:




Note, I miss you all and have been reading (not always commenting) on your posts.

Also note: Some upcoming posts will feature some special focuses: Coffee and Tea Festival, PA., KIND Pairing; Norma Kamali; My Oprah Moment; Holiday Special and more. With your encouragement “I will be back :-)”.

In Tribute John Harney



Within the confines of our small, yet global tea community, there have been very few people that I have met who have left lasting marks on my journey to discovering tea, John Harney was one such person.

We met at my first tea expo 2006. It was part of my immersion into the leaf, beginning with STI Certification Program intensive. Two full days of tea drinking, tea education, and tea bonding and networking. Oh, and did I mention testing, yes exams that I stayed up most of the night cramming for and being so totally wired on tea.

After acing the exams, we proceeded to enter the world of the tea business, the expo. I must say, like many others who have experienced this grand affair, it was definitely overwhelming. The conversations about sampling, minimums, grams, pounds, and so much more, to fill my brain and it seemed like a daunting task.

Walking the floor I saw a booth of one tea brand I recognized, Harney & Sons Teas. I was familiar with the line, as this is the tea they served at The Plaza Hotel in New York and we had been coordinating an annual New Years Eve tea gathering there for a number of years.

Black Currant

My favorite from the line was Black Currant. I sauntered over and proceeded to examine the other offerings. While I was looking, a voice interrupted my examination of the fine tea selection. I looked up and a nice friendly face greeted me and asked could he be of help. He took the time to look at my badge and addressed me by name. I was so taken aback, meeting the creator of this prestigious tea line.

Mr. John Harney asked me about my current business and the plan I had going forward. Looking back on this, he must have realized I would not become a large customer, yet he still took the time to offer some suggestions. He scanned his mental Rolodex for names of people and organizations within my area that I might connect with to help my business grow.

Then there was the year of “Paris”. At another industry event, I was strolling the aisle, you know, the first round where I see what’s being offered before making the investment to wait to speak to someone. Across the floor I see someone waving, I turn round and realize, since there was no one behind me, they were waving at me.

Mr. Harney beckoned me to come to his booth, once within close proximity he excitedly told me he had a new blend he wanted me to try, Paris. While pouring the sample in the cup he asked how I was fairing and how the business was progressing.

He was always interested in the person not just the sale.

I took a sip and for a moment I was transported to a little café in Nice, leisurely wasting away the day with a good book of my choice.

We cheerily spoke about the blend and it’s creation. I always appreciated the passion he had for his product and his work.

As years progressed I have met a few of his family members and was introduced to his lovely wife. I always make a point to stop by and sample the new offerings. Upon meeting the family members you become aware of the legacy he has passed on to each one, the love and appreciation of the leaf, as well as good business practices.

Most recently as part of my efforts to help those affected by “Super Storm Sandy” through Tea For Humanity, I called Michael Harney and asked if he would help. I was so grateful to receive their generous donation. Whilst handing out hot cups of tea one most memorable moment was when a recipient said ” it’s not just that you brought tea, it’s what you brought”.

TFH Our Service Station TFH Harney

My condolences to his family, he has left you with so much and I cherish my memories of the “Master Blender”, I will miss Mr. Harney.

In celebration of Harney & Sons 30 years in tea, this event will be happening Aug 16th if you are in the area, be sure to check it out.

For those who are there, WTE 2014, and those not

This year I am unable to attend the World Tea Expo 2014 in Long Beach, California.

I am saddened not being able to connect with all the special people who share my passion for the leaf.

Several of us, not in attendance, are commiserating our absence and are feeling mixed emotions viewing all the exciting photos of the event.

This yearly event has brought together persons from around the world to enjoy endless cups and stimulating conversations.

Last year, as part of the Tea Bloggers Roundtable, we were graced with the presence of two very special persons in my tea circles, Lord and Lady Devotea. They traveled great lengths to attend, Australia being their home.

Tea Bloggers Flyer adjusted

My first interaction with the dynamic duo was at the reading and book signing. Robert Godden, The Devotea had just published his book The Infusiast, diatribes from the devotea.


When we arrived at the location I felt exhilarated about the upcoming encounter and as I stood on the porch greeting others I knew. I could hear the Aussie accent coming from the house interior. After a brief moment he appeared in the doorway, the master tea blender who created a line of my most favorite teas. Our greeting was warm and heartfelt and for me, réalité complète.

I was quickly ushered through the portal and introduced to the gracious Lady. Immediately I surmised that the love Robert has for this beautiful Lady is reflected in his blends. One offering, limited edition, I purchased recently for Valentines’ Day stated it clearly.

Love Of My Life Tea

He also has written many posts that reflect his devotion.

Today for me, and yesterday in Australia was the Ladys’ birthday I sent this virtual card to recognize the day and am wishing her many years of health and happiness.

Lady Devotea Birthday Card

So we are not at World Tea Expo 2014 and I must admit I truly miss being there. I am glad for all those who are able to attend, even for a short stint, Lazy Literatus.

To the first timers Renee Rubens, Nicole, Tea For Me Please and Ricardo Caicedo, enjoy and don’t get too tea drunk.

Thank you Naomi Rosen, moderator of Tea Bloggers Roundtable and the distinguished panelists, Chris Giddings, Jason Walker, Linda Gaylard, Jen Piccotti, Nicole Martin and Gary Robson for offering to share their expertise.Tea Bloggers Roundtable 2014 update 2 copy copy

Missing you all.

By the way if you get a chance there are two new products I would be interested in hearing about Alpha Dominche Steampunk® Mod with New Mincher Android App and Aiyas’ new Matcha To Go Sticks.

RIP Maya Angelou

Maya quote

The Way I See It: World Tea Expo Awards

The way I see it World Tea Expo Awards Finalists


Category: Best Tea Blog

I would like to start out congratulating firstly the World Tea Expo  for including this category as part of the awards. We in the industry, as tea bloggers have worked hard to keep the public apprised and knowledgeable about what is going on in our tea world and each of us brings a unique perspective to this endeavor.

Secondly, thank you to all who replied to the survey, even if you self-nominated. Hopefully this collection of awards will continue and become a regular yearly event to give others the opportunity to be nominated and chosen.

Tea Bloggers Roundtable 2014 update 2 copy copyI am also glad to see that two of the finalist are also a part of the Tea Bloggers Roundtable  an affiliated meeting, being held at the World Tea Expo for the second time this year. Thank you all who have supported this effort and have dedicated your time and energy to make this happen and congratulations to Jason & Jen on being chosen finalists.

So I will continue my thoughts about the category and selections.

Just like the leaf camellia sinensis, tea blogging encompasses many types. We have consummate tea reviewers, tea specialists in varieties, tea educators, tea ranters, tea fantasists, tea sellers who blog from both retail and online spectrum, tea consultants, tea videographers and a host of other descriptions can be defined. The common thread we all speak tea (and some of us in different languages).

This field of tea writing, in my estimation, could be broken into two more general sub categories, tea reviewers, and tea bloggers. I do not consider a tea reviewer the same is a blogger although a tea blogger may review tea occasionally, that is not the crux of their focus, they tell a story.

Even within the blogger segment sub categories can be constructed i.e. technical, educational, inspirational, fun, and ranting, although this may be asking too much.

We have some outstanding tea reviewers that I am aware of and can be found on their own personal sites as well as sites like Teatra.de, Association of Tea Bloggers and Steepster, which are widely known.

Then there is Teaity that provides a different new view of the subject.

As our world of tea expands with new converts, more writing will be done, more sites to see and read.

I just was made aware of one that I found delightful, ThirstyForTea  by Bonnie Eng, her tagline “A blog dedicated to tea, tea food, and modernizing a time honored tradition”

Just like there is a tea for every palate, there’s a tea blog for every focus.

Now for my thoughts on the nominees.

I read all the writers listed and get updates daily of their contributions through bloglovin.

What I find difficult is, how they all can be nominated for the same category.

For example:

T Ching is a collection of blogs from a variety of writers. Can they be looked at in the same way as an individual blogger?

Walker Tea Review, the majority of the information is a collection of tea reviews and industry information and the bulk of the information is available as paid subscription only.  You can only read teasers of the information. Now Jason, please don’t be peeved with me I’m only stating the fact.

World Of Tea, Tony has done an amazing job along with information gathered from other tea professionals to provide sorely needed accurate tea information to the masses. I am eagerly awaiting his book and enjoy reading his work, although technically I do not consider it a blog and I hope his publisher will not think so as well.

The Tea Cup Of Life, again I would like to thank LuAnn for the “Tea Tag” idea that prompted many of us to write about who we are and why we enjoy the leaf. I had never seen her site before that and was happy to find another tea writer I was not familiar with. Her blog is a combination of many topics from brewing, tea reviews, tea 101 and more. Her focus on all things tea is apparent and even encompasses a zazzle shop where “tea shirts” and tea buttons can be purchased.

An International Tea Moment, well what can I say… Jen takes tea blogging to another level. Combining a tea review with most importantly a focus of how tea fits into her daily life. She combines the issues of both the joy and challenges of life and pairs them to a tea (please excuse the pun). Her writing is inspirational and comforting. Her honesty is sometimes jarring yet identifiable to those who read.

So as you can see, based on the descriptions I have given, who is my clear choice. Noting again, I am soooo grateful that the category even exists and all the nominees should be proud.

In ending, I will submit for my readers consideration, my own list of sub-categories and awardees.

Tea Blog Daily Inspirations: Tea Philosophy, V.L. Hamilton

Tea Blog Ranting Award: Lord Devotea’s Tea Spouts, Robert Godden

Tea Industry Information Award: Nigel Melican Teacraft

Tea Blog Videographer Award: Snooteablog, Natasha Nesic

Tea Information & Research Blog Award: Tea Geek, Michael Coffey & World of Tea , Tony Geebly

Fashionable Tea Blog Award: The Tea Stylist, Linda Gaylard

Tea &  Teaware Blog Award: The Tea Enthusiasts Scrapbook, Darlene Meyers-Perry

Tea Blog Review Fun/Fantasy Writing Award: Steep Stories, Lazy Literatus, Geoffrey Norman

Tea Blog Review Serious Writing Award: Tea With Gary, Gary Robson

Tea Blog Review Award: Tea For Me Please, Nicole Martin  & Walker Tea Review, Jason Walker

Tea Blog Compilations Award: T Ching , & Teatra.de

Tea Blog History Award; Teaconomics, Xavier

New Tea Site Award; Teaity, Chris Giddings

Tea Blog Moderator Award; Joys Jabberings, Naomi Rosen  (for her work on her own site and for the United States League of Tea Growers

Tea Industry Writers Online Magazine Award: Tea Biz, Dan Bolton & Katrina Avila Munichiello

I could create an unending list, so I’ll stop now. I am just grateful to all of you who have chosen to write about tea keeping me informed. Thank you all

All people look for peace


If by chance are reading this I may not be familiar with your blog, leave a link in the comments and I will be sure to take a look.




A Touch Of Spring & Matcha

spring flowers 4Many of us are so desperate for a relief from winters chill, when a day is bright and sunny reminding us Spring is near, we jump at the chance to go out and bask in the sunshine.

Last Sunday was one such day. I didn’t have to bundle up and there were no hats and gloves on my person.

The blooming bulbs were beaming all around me and I enjoyed following the trail of artist created Easter Eggs that have graced our city for the season.

In the park the sounds of music filled the air and a Bollywood dance opportunity was to be had in the center court.

There were stands offering Middle Eastern Food and I so wanted to stay and explore my new discovery, though I was on a matcha mission and was short of time.

I finally located the designated place hosting what I must call a unique Matcha experience.

N Presentation 2I notated the contrast of the outdoors to the extreme silence as I walked in. The audience stared intently as Zachary; of TeaWing fame, swished the matcha in the bowl. I too was captivated by his focus.

At first I thought this would be a more traditional tasting and pleasantly surprised it was not.

Zachary and Tracey provided much information of the matcha we tasted and I had the opportunity to sample two I had not tried before White Matcha and Koicha.


Both differed in flavor and texture. Koicha, of course, being the thicker of the two, was described as having the consistency of liquid chocolate, (I agree).

The White Matcha, grown unshaded unlike traditional matcha. This combination of unshaded process and the use of hybrid plants have been in trial samplings for 10 years. The matcha had a grassy taste and was somewhat bitter with lots of umami.

We ended the tasting with a brief moment of meditation and warm goodbyes.


If you are interested in TeaWing Teas you can find them here.

Thank you, Zachary, Tracey for a wonderful afternoon.

Brandon thanks for telling me about this lovely event.




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